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NASA is launching the DART spacecraft to crash into an asteroid. Could it save us from armageddon?

Spotify, Snapchat and Google Cloud report outages

NASA Artemis Moon landing delayed by 'several years' as costs go 'underreported'

Europe's space sector seeks to boost commercialisation

Astronomers may have discovered the first planet outside of our galaxy

The Vikings settled in North America 500 years before Christopher Colombus, study reveals

Apple launches faster chips, MacBook Pro laptops and cheaper Airpods - what are the upgrades?

What is the metaverse and why is Facebook betting big on it?

Euronews Debates | Profit vs public good: How can innovation benefit everyone?

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp down: How a social giant disappeared from the Internet

Russian actress and director en route to ISS for first movie shot in space

Facebook profits off hate and that's why it won't change, says whistleblower Frances Haugen

Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine awarded to David Julius and Ardem Patapoutian

La Palma volcano: How satellite imagery is helping us understand the eruption

iPhone 13 screen cracked? Here's how Apple stops Face ID working if you try to fix it yourself

The Antarctic ozone hole is among the largest on record, how does it affect me?

SpaceX launches 4 amateur astronauts in giant leap for space tourism

We need to remove emissions at a major scale: Is carbon capture the answer?

Apple iPhone iOS 14.8 patches security exploit used by Pegasus spyware

Twitter tests 'soft block' feature to remove unwanted followers as part of moves to improve privacy

First space, now immortality: Jeff Bezos reportedly invests in eternal life start-up Altos Labs

Ireland fines WhatsApp €225m for breaking EU data protection rules

Robots can trick us into thinking we are socially interacting and slow our reactions, scientists say

Tell Instagram your birthday or get blocked as app introduces age verification

Could Cardano’s 'green' cryptocurrency ADA take over Bitcoin and Ethereum?

More secure and better at correcting typos on your phone, can this Swiss start-up take on Google?

Apple to scan US iPhones for images of child sexual abuse

The ISS flipped 540 degrees in last week's Nauka thruster incident. NASA said it was only 45

Russian module knocks International Space Station out of position

Dutch data protection authority fines TikTok €750,000 over privacy flaw

British man arrested in Spain over alleged role in Twitter hack of high-profile accounts

Humans aren’t quite ready for a chatbot takeover, according to a new study

NASA and ESA to test nudging asteroids off collision course with Earth

Brussels launches antitrust probe into Google's digital ad tech practices

ISS astronauts make second spacewalk to install powerful solar panels

Macron: France will 'drive innovation ecosystem of Tech,' president tells Euronews Next

Watch: French and US astronauts spacewalk to install solar panel system on ISS

Tesla Plaid and Apple WWDC 2021: The biggest tech releases this week

Meat company JBS confirms it paid a $11 million ransom following its recent cyberattack

New falcon training device 'BerghWing' aims to revolutionise sport

The future is already here, get ready with the Euronews Next newsletter

US recovers most of Colonial Pipeline Bitcoin ransom following cyberattack

COVID pandemic's impact on work is 'cataclysmic,' says International Labour Market head

Google fined €220m by French competition watchdog over online advertising market

European privacy groups challenge facial scan firm Clearview

Sanofi/GSK launch Phase III trial of COVID-19 vaccine, will test efficacy against variants

Amazon is buying MGM, the studio behind James Bond, for €6.9 billion

Virgin Galactic makes its first New Mexico test flight to edge of space

Biochemist Karikó honoured in her Hungarian home town for COVID work

Computer games help children overcome pain from cancer treatment

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