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Infertility, heart failure and kidney disease: How does climate change impact the human body?

These drones are swallowing tonnes of plastic waste before it reaches the ocean

Ukraine is keeping a record of how the Russian invasion has damaged the environment

Here are all the positive environmental stories from 2022 so far

View: Ukraine’s green hydrogen can help the EU ditch Russian fossil fuels

US government warns of 'forever chemicals' which may make tap water unsafe

Leuven: This forward-thinking city has banned cars from its centre

Global population will lose 17 billion life-years to air pollution, says shocking new research

Extinct 'fantastic giant tortoise' found alive on the Galápagos Islands

‘Silent killers’: Preparing for heatwaves could save thousands of lives every year, warns Red Cross

UN Secretary-General says the climate crisis is placing half of humanity in 'the danger zone'

EU Taxonomy: Why is there outrage over new green investment rules?

Plastic-munching ‘superworms’ could be a scalable solution to tackling global waste

Pollution could be influencing the sex of your baby, says study

Trailblazing magician uses her tricks to spread climate change awareness

Spain is hit by the hottest pre-summer heatwave for 20 years as temperatures climb to 43 C

Inside this Indian eco-school which proves sustainability can be stunning

‘It’s not all on you’: Billie Eilish appeals to Gen Z at her first-ever climate event

These Scottish villagers bought a nature reserve - now they are fundraising to double its size

Indigenous groups offered mediation in French supermarket deforestation dispute

Nearly all of Portugal faces 'severe drought' after hottest May in 92 years

Meet the film director who swapped Hollywood for homegrown housing

World’s largest vertical farm is being built in the UK and it’s the size of 96 tennis courts

Ugliest fish in the world: Here’s why saving odd-looking species from extinction is crucial

People of Gaza swim in 'crystal blue' sea again, as sewage pollution finally clears

Utah’s Great Salt Lake is disappearing - and it could turn the region into a toxic dust bowl

The search to find Dom Phillips continues - we talk to a human rights expert on crime in the Amazon

Here are all the positive environmental stories from 2022 so far

Ukraine war: Fossil fuel ‘gold rush’ could make global warming irreversible

'Chilean Chernobyl': 75 people poisoned off the coast of Chile by sulphur dioxide

Supermarkets and restaurants in Spain could face fines of up to €60,000 for wasting food

Plunge into Ocean Calls, the podcast making waves on our blue planet

Meet the hunger striker living in a 200-year-old tree underneath the Eiffel Tower

No dog left behind: Meet the Ukrainian woman who evacuated 35 dogs from Mariupol

Finland is aiming to go carbon negative by 2040 - here’s how

Scientists find a way to instantly extract biofuel from banana peel

3,400-year-old city emerges from reservoir in Iraq after months of extreme drought

Cryptocurrency miners may no longer be able to use fossil fuel-generated power in New York

Deadly virus is causing honeybee colonies to collapse all over the world

These aprons absorb CO2: Wearable tech could transform the restaurant industry

'Danger zone' activated as volcano in the Philippines spews out 1km-long ash cloud

Tanzania's ban on live animal exports is back after one day of outrage

Will more ‘mouths to hell’ open up because of climate change? We asked a permafrost expert

Back from the brink of extinction: The Spix’s macaws are returning to the wild

View: Climate change has a price. Water should too

You are what you eat – and what you eat from: How industrial chemicals contaminate our bodies

Why we need to talk about farming: Monbiot’s new book is fiercely important

View: The war in Ukraine has devastating global consequences for water, peace and security

Invasive species: Are they really threatening the Mediterranean Sea and local fisheries?

Volunteer divers clear tons of dangerous 'ghost nets' from the Greek coastline

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