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Shanghai Residents Queue for COVID Tests as Officials Push Work Resumption

Anti-Government Protests in Sri Lanka

Villagers Flee Their Homes after Gunmen Kill 24 in Central Nigeria

Israeli Troops Martyr 2 More Palestinians in West Bank Raid

Philippines Rescuers Race to Find Survivors after Storm Wreaks Havoc

Resident Joins Community Volunteer Team Amid COVID-19 Resurgence in Shanghai

IRGC Forces Capture Members of Sabotage Group at Fordow

EU Approves New Set of Sanctions Against Russia over Ukraine War

Iranian FM Asks US Not to Waste Time in Vienna Talks

Israeli Forces Fatally Shoot Three Palestinians Across Occupied Territories

Iranian Parliament Speaker Blasts Violation of Human Rights in S. Arabia

Germany Says It Won’t Disclose Further Weapons Shipments to Ukraine

CIA Black Site Detainee Served as Training Prop to Teach Interrogators Torture Techniques

MoD Says Russian Armed Forces Take Full Control of Kherson Region

Zelensky Adviser Says Peace Treaty with Russia Could Be Reached by May

Iran Disbands 2 Terrorist Teams

UN Slams Mass Execution of 81 People in Saudi Arabia Amid US Silence

FM Reiterates Iran’s Opposition to War in Ukraine, Vows to Help Refugees

Report: Israel Hit by ‘Largest Ever’ Cyberattack

Report: Germany to Approve ‘Record High’ Defense Spending

MoD Warns Russian Army to Continue Strikes Against Locations of Foreign Mercenaries in Ukraine

IRGC Claims Responsibility for Missile Attack against Israel’s “Strategic Center”

Kiev Claims NATO Will Defend Arms Convoys to Ukraine Against Russia

Iran Registers over 3k New COVID-19 Cases

Palestine Mulling over UN Security Council Action Against Israeli Settlement Activities

Yuan Deposits Replace Dollar, Euro in Russian Banks

NATO Chief Claims Russia May Use Chemical Weapons

Official: Sweden Turned into Command Center of Anti-Iran Terrorism

Medics: Several Killed, Injured After Kiev Forces Fire on Volnovakha Hospital

Spokesman: War No Solution to Ukraine Crisis

Iran, SCO Ink Protocol to Start Formal Process for Tehran

Iran Disbands Israeli-Affiliated Espionage Network

Tehran Blasts US New Demands in Vienna Talks

Iran Reiterates Independent Stance on Russia-Ukraine War

Call for Nomination: 2023 Mustafa (PBUH) Prize

FM: Iran Believes Ukraine Crisis Solvable through Diplomacy

IRGC Launches Noor-2 Military Satellite

Minister: First Signals from New Iran-Made Nour-2 Satellite Received

President: Iran Not to Backtrack from Redlines in Vienna Talks

Information Minister: US Behind Siege of Yemen, No Humanity Seen from West

IRGC Commander: Iranian Nation Making Progress despite Opposition of Ill-Wishers

Report: North Korea Could Return to ICBM, Nuclear Tests in 2022

Xi Calls for ‘Maximum Restraint’ in Ukraine

Zelensky Expresses Readiness to ‘Discuss, Find Compromise’ Regarding Status of Crimea, Donbass

Russian Armed Forces Destroy 2,482 Ukrainian Military Infrastructure Facilities

Ukrainian Officials Say Civilians Being Evacuated from Sumy, Irpin

Iran Registers over 5k New Coronavirus Cases

Homemade Noora Vaccine Ready for Public Use to Fight COVID-19 in Iran

Ukraine Calls for Direct Talks Between Putin, Zelensky

Young Palestinian Man Shot Dead by Israeli Forces

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