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World Africa Day: 5 of the most important climate campaigns to follow

Where can I buy sustainable swimwear? Here are 7 of the best brands for women

Spanish diver rescues 12-metre long whale who was trapped in an illegal fishing net

Extinction, resurrection: Is freezing animals’ cells the best way to save them?

Shocking rise in toxic pesticides on European fruit, says study

Egypt promises to push countries to make climate pledges as COP27 host

200 million to be displaced by storms in the next 20 years - what are we facing in Europe?

Brussels is growing fruit and vegetables on the roofs of supermarkets

California bans watering 'non-functional' grass in some areas, strengthening drought rules

How can the class of 2022 prevent climate ‘havoc’? Be part of the solution, says UN chief

SoCal needs to keep vital trees alive despite unprecedented watering restrictions

Growing vegetables in seawater could be the answer to feeding billions

Is civil unrest on the cards in Europe? An expert's view on the unfolding food crisis

Genetically modified tomatoes contain more vitamin D, say scientists

Climate activists in gondolas sail through Venice to protest greenwashing

Monkeypox: What are the dangers of zoonotic diseases?

Newsom urges aggressive water conservation and warns of statewide restrictions

Climate Change Fuels Heat Wave in India and Pakistan, Scientists Find

Plastics industry, facing crackdown, targets Democrats with mailers deemed deceptive

Floods, tornadoes and storms in one weekend as 'extreme' weather becomes the norm

'Ecological disaster' develops in Slovakia as river contaminated by orange iron

Infusing green tradition in our cities

Australia’s ‘Climate Election’ Finally Arrived. Will It Be Enough?

Millions Displaced and Dozens Dead in Flooding in India and Bangladesh

The Michigan Mink Mystery: How Did an Interspecies Outbreak Unfold?

Is this elephant being ‘illegally imprisoned’? New York’s top court will decide

Above-Normal Summer Heat Is Forecast for Most of the U.S.

Why swimming pools are getting a break despite unprecedented water restrictions

At Davos, a Referendum on the World Economic Forum

South Korea Offers Davos a Model for Recycling

View: Why is the EU going to the companies who caused the climate crisis for advice on fixing it?

Australia’s Election: What to Watch and What’s at Stake

Tesla’s Aura Dims as Its Plunging Stock Highlights the Risks It Faces

Spot the greenwashing

California lawmakers kill plans to ban to close offshore O.C. oil rigs

Sports in Norway, Like Skiing and Bobsledding, Face Threat From Warming Arctic

Are robot beekeepers the secret to saving the vital pollinators?

Climate change in court: German farmer sues Volkswagen over high emissions

Animal welfare organisations speak out against German outdoor cat ban

Bodies Pulled From Parched Lake Mead Stir Wise-Guy Ghosts of Las Vegas

California lawmakers kill plans to ban oil drilling in state-controlled waters

In Romania’s Transylvanian Alps, See Bison on Safari

To pre-rinse or not to pre-rinse? How to use your dishwasher during the drought

‘Love Island’: UK reality TV ditches fast fashion in bid to be more eco-friendly

New technology can generate solar power at night time by ‘catching’ earth’s heat

Scientists Uncover a Shady Web of Online Spider Sales

After bushfires and floods, will Australians step up and vote for climate action?

Wildlife officials truck Chinook salmon to cooler waters in emergency move to help them spawn

Ukraine invasion could trigger global food crisis, UN chief warns


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