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Chinese cities grapple with rapid spread of Covid

Europe’s long-term security will rest on the reconstruction of Ukraine

UN pushes to end to $1.8tn in subsidies linked with harm to nature

Ukraine/winter: western generators can bring power to the people

Individual Investors Hang On in Wild Year for Stocks While Pros Sell

Crypto's Onetime Fans Are Calling It Quits

Mortgage Buydowns Are Making a Comeback

Treasury names experts who will steer high growth strategy

Biggest US shale operator says more drilling would harm industry

On-pitch thrills help Qatar confound World Cup doubters

The tech ‘nepo babies’ are coming

France urges UK to overhaul asylum system to curb Channel tragedies

Strikes and bookings surge threaten Christmas getaway at Heathrow

AI breakthrough ChatGPT raises alarm over student cheating

Ho, ho, ho, it’s off to work we don’t go

Private equity groups spot profit in UK’s nurseries

How will Israel’s most rightwing government yet wield its power?

Pay transparency: how salary secrecy is being challenged

Chinese industry runs out of workers and supplies as Covid wave spreads

UK rail operators face steep budget cuts next year

Why Messi surpasses Maradona without needing World Cup victory

Cultivated meat start-ups race to add products to the menu

Ministers to offer business energy support package until early 2024

Germany opens floating gas terminal at North Sea port

Italy scores well on foreign policy, less well on the economy

Meta Just Issued a Status Update. Wall Street Should Read Into It.

Investors turn up to UN nature summit for the first time

Riches, ITVX — family feud drama is not quite the black British Succession

Fifa’s billions and the road to 2030

California's Congress members no longer want campaign money from Sam Bankman-Fried

2022 year in review

2022 year in review

Kylian Mbappé, star striker who yearns to leave his mark beyond football

What I learnt photographing the parties of the one per cent

My 12 ‘money movies’ of Christmas

Composer Howard Blake on 40 years of Christmas classic ‘Walking in the Air’

EU’s trading partners claim world-first carbon tax is protectionist

Talking tough won’t stop migrant crossings of the English Channel

Bonus cuts signal return of a more normal cycle for Wall St

Something for the weekend — Read FT Edit on your iPad

Chasselas: a Swiss speciality that is peak perfection

Reindeer/Beowulf: miner horns in on migrating Lapland herds

Our eternal obsession with the literary property

City empties out as strikes and snow deal blow to Christmas trade

From Mayfair to New York: restaurateur Richard Caring sets sights on US

Twitter restores accounts of several suspended journalists after Elon Musk puts question to a poll

Musk seeks to sell Twitter shares in search of new funds

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