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The Weekend Briefing: Sunday, June 19, 2022

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Junta cannibalizes own Yangon chiefs on accusations of graft

SAC renews threat to execute democracy figures after rumors of imminent hangings spread panic

No repatriation for Hindu and Muslim Rohingya displaced by Rakhine war despite junta promises

The Daily Briefing: Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Magway PDFs debunk junta defection claims

The Daily Briefing: Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Burma’s challenges “deepened and expanded dramatically”: UN Special Envoy

AA claims “hundreds” of defectors as SAC number two visits troops in Rakhine

Hun Sen’s death sentence appeal to junta falls on deaf ears

Fortification of Ayeyarwady’s police stations raises concern amongst local people

Australian Sean Turnell charged, will face military tribunal

WHO driver assassinated: Guerrilla group says victim pedophile relative of SAC chief

300 undocumented Burmese detained in Thailand after killing

International outrage as junta says it will hang leading pro-democracy figures

JOOX exits: Dictator’s daughter’s music app to cease operations following boycott

Over 15,000 undocumented Burmese arrested in Thailand in May alone, despite MoU restart

Historically high fuel prices hampering aid efforts, damaging livelihoods across Burma

UN IDP rice donations being funnelled to Pekon wholesale markets

In Thailand, Myanmar migrants’ illicit unions fight to be heard

Chongqing-Mandalay train link begins operations, track build stalled within Burma

Pro-military PNO forcing Pa-O men into new militias

Burma’s AAPP recognized at German peace awards

Military lending to major banks as experts fear sector meltdown

The Economist is at risk of believing the Burmese military’s propaganda: A response from DVB on behalf of independent Burmese media

New Mon State Party second EAO to work with junta following talks

The amnesties appeasing the Burmese military’s drug squads

Yawd Serk’s RCSS becomes first major EAO to back junta following talks

KNLA take back Thay Baw Bo camp from military, decades after losing the position

Slow reopening of Thai MoU system fails to halt flow of migrants heading across the border

NUG FM continues US diplomatic mission with McConnell meet

Leak suggests 27 leading cronies banned from leaving Burma

Failure to launch: 90% of Burma’s cinemas shutter one month after junta’s forced reopening

Sittwe University to admit Rohingya students after ten year ban

Junta’s election body suspends minor party; NLD and SNLD face similar prospect

100 civilians still hostage after being used as human shield by military in KNU territory

Rakhine Tourism reports successful Thingyan holiday period

As NUG steps up the rhetoric, Min Aung Hlaing offers in person talks with EAO leaders

Detained COVID vaccine roll-out chiefs sentenced to three years

Dead body of wife of NLD Mandalay chief dumped in street by soldiers following capture

Military using slave labor to fortify crony coal project in Shan

Burma Army burns its way through Magway’s Pauk township

Junta orders all troops to be in “state of readiness”

NUG Defense Min: We have factory arms production capacity

KNU declares five new self-administered zones in Bago and Kayin

INTERVIEW: “Myanmar Diaries” wins five awards in six weeks

The Daily Briefing — Friday, Apr. 7, 2022

NUG to pay soldiers up to US$500,000 for sabotage or “return” to PDF of military vehicles, vessels, equipment

Daughter of deceased man accuses Arakan Army of torture

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