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Michael Mosley: Health expert suggests two 'fundamental' exercises for weight loss

Slimmer who 'hated' workouts drops 6.5st with a new hobby - 'I would never exercise!'

Menopause weight loss: Foods to avoid that cause cravings and bloating- 'make adjustments'

James Martin maintains 3st weight loss with diet- and 'crazy' problem nation has with food

Dieters should eat breakfast at specific time to lose weight - 'lose up to 11 pounds'

‘Took 2 weeks to see changes!’ Best exercises that helped woman drop 2.3st

How to lose weight in time for summer without 'crazy diet' - 'lose a stone in 4 weeks'

How Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall stays 'fit and slim' at 74 - 'incredibly important' tips

How did Love Island's Gemma Owen achieve physique dubbed the 'perfect body'?

Alexander Armstrong weight loss: Pointless star drops 2st without restrictive diet

Menopause weight loss: Shed pounds by following three basic principles - 'most important'

Jasmine Harman weight loss: TV star dropped 20lb in 5 months by cutting down on one food

Which diet is for you? The most successful plans for weight loss - 'You can stick to them'

Weight loss: Yo-yo dieter dropped a stone and still occasionally eats over daily calories

Princess Eugenie's diet changes to help 'shed body fat' - including 'favourite drink'

Diet: Doctor advises keeping 'essential' foods in your diet - 'risk of deficiency'

Davina McCall fitness: How the star maintains that enviable body - her top exercise tips

How to get Kate Middleton's enviable figure - plus snacks she likely eats to stay slim

Pippa Middleton shares how she stays slim without dieting - 'moderation in all things'

James Martin weight loss: How he dropped nearly 4st without dieting or exercise

Sue Cleaver weight loss: Soap star lost 3st without strict eating rules - 'no-brainer'

Letitia Dean weight loss: Soap star dropped 4 dress sizes in four months with new diet

Slimmer loses whopping 12 stone with new fitness routine - 'burns 600 calories'

Weight loss: Doctor advises 'not to eliminate' carbs in order to lose weight

Menopause weight loss: Women don't have to 'accept' weight gain - 'many things we can do'

Weight loss: Lose up to 11lb in months by eating breakfast after 11am - 'it works'

Princess Beatrice likely lost weight with one main food type - prevents hunger pangs

Martin Clunes shares 3st weight loss thanks to 'great' and 'easy' diet - 'weight came off'

Menopause: The 'stress-buster' exercise that burns up to 700 calories

Huw Edwards lost 3st by cutting out a food group and performing calorie-burning exercises

Menopause: Trainer says 'no gym needed' to lose weight - just 'easy' 15-min home exercise

Princess Eugenie weight loss: Royal must be 'selective with her food choices' in Portugal

I braved an ice bath to unlock my potential at NewWave Retreats - and I'm glad I did it

Lorraine Kelly weight loss: ITV star's go-to healthy treat to curb sweet-tooth cravings

Menopause: Increasing certain foods could help women avoid weight gain

Fat burning 'more effective' at different times of the day - when you should be exercising

Zara Tindall stays fit with 'extensive gym' installed at home - and ‘does all the cooking'

Woman loses 6st and 'saves marriage' thanks to 'tasty' diet - 'Husband is now delighted!'

Doria Ragland exercise routine: Meghan Markle's mum is 'a long-time advocate of yoga'

Princess Anne's 'healthy' diet includes unusual breakfast that helps her 'digest easier'

Dietician's 3 'danger' times slimmers shouldn’t eat during - weight gain likely if they do

‘Effective weight loss tool’ - Lose 11lbs in a month by altering your eating window

Megan Barton-Hanson's 'extreme' 800 cal diet 'detrimental to mental and physical health'

10 tips for smashing your goals by a Victoria's Secret PT - diet and exercise done right

Diet myths: Eating before bed won't make you fat - portion size is 'what matters'

The Perricone Diet: How Queen Letizia stays so slim - plus meal ideas

Never 'deprive the body' - three crucial rules for losing weight easily

Millie Mackintosh details busy mum breakfast routine to maintain her fit body - exclusive

Menopause: How to lose weight in time for summer 'without skipping meals' - use '8×8 rule'

‘Didn't feel like dieting' Woman shed 5st with easy food plan - and still eats takeaways

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