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Uganda: DER SPIEGEL Reporting Leads Unilever to Stop Sexist Marketing Campaign

Meeting with Family Members: "He Is Accused of Preparing a Terrorist Act"

A European Defeat in Mali: How Russia Is Slaughtering Civilians on the African Front

"Window Into a Police State": Data Leak Provides a Look into China's Brutal Camp System

COVID-19: A Look at the Worst Mistakes Made in the Coronavirus Pandemic

Graham Allison on the Ukraine War: "Dealing with Horrible Leaders Is Part of the History of International Relations"

Scandal at Germany's Leading Jewish College: A "Toxic Environment" and Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

Bogus Deals Involving Russian Property: Did a Berlin Dentist Swindle Moscow Out of Millions?

Escaping the Taliban: The Last Way Out of Afghanistan

United Against Russia?: Ukraine's Membership Application Poses Tough Questions for the EU

Finland Could Join Military Alliance Imminently

Staryna's Mission: The Elite Ukrainian Soldiers Defending the Donbas

Fabrice Leggeri's Resignation: The Final Days of the Frontex Chief

Russia: Vladimir Putin's Disaster and What Could Happen Next

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock: "There Are Moments When I Am Also Unsure"

Germany's Greens Have Transformed in the Face of Russia's War

Orphan Bridget: Completing an Adoption Out of Wartime Ukraine

Putin's Brothers: Tensions Mount in the Balkans as Bosnia and Herzegovina Threatens to Fracture

Guinea-Bissau: The Case of a Missing Ton of Cocaine Highlights the Dangers of the Drug Trade

An FAQ for Ukrainian Refugees: What You Need To Know To Study at a German University

Indian Author Pankaj Mishra on the War in Ukraine: "Have You Really Thought This Through"

Bonn-Moscow Ties: Newly Released Documents Shed Fresh Light on NATO's Eastward Expansion

The Orbán Problem: Europe Takes On an Unpredicatable Autocrat: Will Viktor Orbán Strike Back?

Ukraine: The Voices of Those Trapped in the Mariupol Steel Works

Russia Ramps Up the Pressure in Eastern Ukraine: "We Have Never Seen Such Firepower"

Support for Kyiv: Germany Expected to Announce Tank Deliveries to Ukraine

Social Design Award 2022: Doing Our Part To Save the Climate

Can Emmanuel Macron Unite a Deeply Divided France?

It's Time for Scholz To Stand Up To Russian Aggression

German Governor Manuela Schwesig Draws Ire for Role in Nord Stream 2 Pipeline

Interview with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz: "There Cannot Be a Nuclear War"

Marine Le Pen and the French Vote: What Would Her Election Mean for France and Europe?

The Scholz Problem: Discontent Grows in Berlin over Chancellor's Ukraine Response

British Historian Antony Beevor: "Putin Wants to Be Feared – Like Stalin and Hitler"

A Memorial Run for My Israeli Host Brother

Approaching Famine?: The Global Food Shortages Caused by Putin's War

A European Bomb: Debate over Nuclear Deterrence Heats Up in the EU

Germany's New Leading Woman: Foreign Minister Baerbock Takes Advantage of Her Second Chance

German President Steinmeier on the War in Ukraine: "I Still Hoped that Putin Possessed a Remnant of Rationality"

Survivors Describe the Russian Atrocities in Bucha: "Do You Want to Die Quickly or Slowly?"

Weapons for Ukraine: The German Government’s Hesitance over the War Is Angering Allies

Is It Possible to Oppose the War and Still Work for Putin?

Manchester City's Cozy Ties to Abu Dhabi: Sponsorship Money – Paid for by the State

Possible Evidence of Russian Atrocities: German Intelligence Intercepts Radio Traffic Discussing the Murder of Civilians in Bucha

The Perils of Wartime Adoption: "We Promised Bridget We Would Come Get Her"

Physiker David Deutsch: »Es gibt eine Wahrheit. Aber wir sind unfähig, sie zu erkennen«  (Kopie)

What If Vladimir Putin Cuts Off the Gas? German Industry Prepares for Worst-Case Scenario

The Horrors of Bucha: At the Scene of the War Crimes

Opinion: Peace in Europe Must Now Be Defended Against Putin's Russia

Standing Up to Russian Brutality: A Visit to the Unyielding City of Kharkiv


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