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Are Israel Supporters Obligated to Make the Case for Palestinians?

Light Lunch

Meet the Jewish Writer Who Created “I Love Lucy”

Bass, Caruso, and the Search for the Elusive Middle

My Last Cup of Coffee with A.B. Yehoshua

Ancient Religion in a Modern World

A Yank’s Jubilee

Looking for a Balanced Approach to Roe v. Wade

Remembering George Shapiro

I’d Be Lost Without the Torah

How a Misguided Slogan is Changing American Politics

A New Black-Jewish Coalition

The McMansion Invasion

Have You Ever Heard of the Farhud?

A World Bursting With Shehecheyanus

An Important Lesson From the Holocaust

Shavuot: The Great Marriage

Salonika, 1533: The Most Famous Tikkun Leil Shavuot


Survivors of Mass Shootings: Three Stories, as Shared by Their Mothers

A Tight Mayoral Race

Twenty-One Worlds

We Need Policy and Change—And Thoughts and Prayers, Too

To Prevent Massacres Like Uvalde, We Need More Wisdom and Fewer Hysterics

Four Words to Change the World

Go Take a Bath

Think What You Want, But Follow the Rules

Does Anybody Sleep Anymore?

What a Difference a War Makes

Five Classes That Should Be Offered in School, But Aren’t

Satirical Semite: God Save the King

Fighting Jew-Hatred As Winners, Not Victims

The Power of Speech

Why the News Can’t Make Us Happy

Low Times at Beverly High

After Ken Roth, Can Human Rights Watch Be Repaired?

Double Standard Against Jews

Alice Walker and the Jews, Again

Reflecting on 10 Years in Los Angeles

To Catch a Thief

Israel Should Take Mahmoud Abbas to the International Criminal Court

The Five Miracles of Israel

Elon Musk Buying Twitter Won’t Improve the National Conversation

The Meal Train: A Great Community Gift

Two Words That Helped Set Me Free this Passover

The Israelites Who Stayed Behind

Boycotting Israel Is an Impediment to Peace

The Power of Passover: It Compels Us to Look at Both Darkness and Light

Truth and Truthiness: The Changing Public Discourse About Masks and Vaccines

Passover: Peoplehood Meets Ideahood

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