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New York City's ban on foie gras violates law, New York state says

Iranian actress Taraneh Alidoosti arrested after criticizing execution of protester

Mother of a stranded tourist in Peru hopes her daughter makes it home for Christmas, as hundreds grounded amid protests

World Cup final preview: France takes on Argentina in mouthwatering clash

First on CNN: Retired top military officials push for bill to help Afghans

In what became known as 'the Christmas bombings,' the US Air Force sustained losses that today would seem unfathomable

Trump calls on his supporters to stand down on McCarthy opposition

Vikings shock Colts with largest comeback in NFL history

Sharon Osbourne was transported to a hospital after an emergency call

Rihanna shares first glimpse of child with A$AP Rocky

Moscow begins new campaign to encourage Russians to enlist and fight in Ukraine

Stores are drowning in merchandise this holiday season, and the deals are getting juicier

NBA star Chris Paul graduates with bachelor's degree

'Real Housewives' star Jen Shah asks court for reduced sentence after guilty plea

Haberman: Trump insiders say he sees 2024 campaign as a shield

As public anger mounts, Peru's lawmakers reject reform needed to hold early elections

Starbucks union starts three-day strike at 100 stores

Why stocks keep tumbling: Good news and bad news are bad

The problem with how many are talking about tWitch's death

Late night roasts Trump over NFT trading cards

Trump's NFT superhero trading cards timed the market all wrong

The world turns pink and sparkly in first 'Barbie' teaser trailer

Massive aquarium explodes in Berlin hotel

SBF's case is a new version of an old story

John Boehner's tears don't make up for this

Why the new free Covid-19 tests matter

Tyler Perry opens up about mental health

'An absolute battle right to the end' on a bicycle built for two

Why recession fears are back: Americans are losing faith

How 'Avatar' director James Cameron became the king of the sequel

Japan in biggest military shake-up since World War II

Virgin to fly 'net-zero' transatlantic Boeing 787

A prince. A celebrity chef. A plot. And a warning for democracies everywhere

I almost died from a medical problem that was entirely preventable

Taco Bell is testing two new Mexican Pizza varieties

Henry Cavill will not return as Superman

Video shows severely damaged homes as tornadoes rip through Southern states

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern auctions copy of offensive remark

How the climate crisis may be changing the way tornadoes behave

Wells are running dry in drought-weary Southwest as foreign-owned farms guzzle water to feed cattle overseas

Feds begin 'expedited' process to help save drought-stricken Colorado River

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