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Paris Club Suspends Sudan Debt Relief Due to Coup

Ethnical Violence in Kordofan Leaves Seven Dead

Another Protester Killed and Journalist Detained During Yesterday's Anti-Coup Protests in Sudan

WFP - Number of Food Insecure People in Sudan May 'Dramatically Increase to Unprecedented Levels'

Armed Men Rape Nurse At Gunpoint and Attack Teachers in South Kordofan

At Least Five Shot Dead, Numerous Injured in Kassala Inter-Communal Clashes

141 Sudanese Migrants Return From Libya As Part of EU Initiative

One-Third of Population Faces Acute Food Insecurity - United Nations

Junta and Sudan Revolutionary Front Agree to One-Stage Dialogue

♦ Sudan - This Week's News in Brief ♦

Two Children Raped in South Kordofan

Sudan Doctors - 15 Injured During June 13 Protests

FFC Formulate New Vision to End Coup Amidst Suspended Dialogues

More Strikes and Protests, Especially Around Salaries

More Than 125 Killed in Kulbus Conflict and More Than 18,300 Affected By Abu Jubeiha Clashes

Increase in Kala-Azar Cases in Eastern Sudan

Two Tankers Collide in Port Sudan, One Carrying Oil

Trial of Teenagers Accused of Killing Senior Policeman Postponed

One Dead, Two Children Injured By North Darfur Bandits

North Kordofan - Three Injured As Passenger Bus Rolls After Blowout

West Darfur Clashes - 100 Dead, 15,600 Displaced

Why the Latest Attempt At Peacemaking in Sudan Won't Work

Sudanese Abroad - 'AU-IGAD-UNITAMS Negotiations Legitimise Coup Regime'

'Overloaded' Saudi-Bound Livestock Carrier Sinks in Sudan Port

Death Toll Rises to 49 in Ongoing West Darfur Violence

ICC Trial of Darfur Janjaweed 'Colonel of Colonels' Ali Kushayb Resumes Tomorrow

Emergency Lawyers Group Discusses Human Rights Issues With U.S. Envoy

Govt Reiterates Commitment to Diplomatic Resolution of Border Conflict With Sudan

125,000 People Are Still Displaced After West Darfur Violence - OCHA

More Anti-Coup and Workers' Protests

'New SDG 1,000 Note Proves Sudan Pound's Plunging Purchasing Power'

Clashes in West Darfur's Jebel Moon - 'Situation Still Dangerous'

ICC - More Witnesses Testify Against Darfur Janjaweed Leader Ali Kushayb

Sudan Doctors - 'Death Toll in Anti-Putsch Protests Now Over 100'

'Relative Calm' As Sudan Govt Forces Quell Deadly South Kordofan Fighting

El Burhan Urges All Parties in Sudan to Embrace AU-IGAD-UN Trilateral Mechanism Dialogue

West Darfur - 15 Dead in 'Dangerous and Out of Control' Jebel Moon Clashes

♦ Sudan - This Week's News in Brief ♦

At Least 15 Killed in Violent Clashes in South and West Kordofan

New 1000 Sudanese Pound Banknote Amidst Rising Inflation

Opposition Condemns 'Ethnically-Based Attacks' in Southern Khartoum

Political Visioning in Sudan - NUP-DUP Agreement and FFC-CC Vision Published

DCI Arrests Fugitive Facing Organised Crime Charges in Sudan

Guterres Welcomes Efforts of AU-IGAD-UN Trilateral Mechanism 'To Facilitate a Solution to the Political Crisis in Sudan'

Resistance Committees Publish June Protest Escalation Schedule

Countries Call for Inquiry to Release Findings on June 3, 2019 Massacre

Unwarranted Criticism On the UNs Integrated Transition Assistance Mission in Sudan

UN Chief Calls for 'Good Faith' Effort By All in Sudan

U.S. Embassy - Sudan Resistance Committees Invited By U.S. Asst Secretary of State 'To Resolve Crisis'

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