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Seychelles' Truth and Reconciliation Commission - 7 Persons Petition for Amnesty for Involvement in 5 Deaths

IOTC Removes Penalty On Seychelles' Yellowfin Tuna Catch Quota and Adopts Harvest Strategy for Bigeye Species

President Reopens Doors to State House for Visitors

'Missing $50m Case' - ACCs Changes Charges Against 2 Accused and Drops Charges Against 3, Pending Agreement

Seychelles' Best Loved Beer 'Seybrew' Wins Gold Award At African Beer Cup

Seychelles' Parks Authority Renews Agreement for International Research On Bats and Giant Tortoises

Princess Theodora Von Liechtenstein On Visit to Seychelles, Promoting Green Teen Team Foundation

UNDP Ecofish - Seychelles to Study Its Octopuses for Future Regulation of Species

How to Expand Wi-Fi Everywhere

Tourism Minister Says Seychelles Stands Against Racism After Alleged Mistreatment of African-American Travel Influencer

Cost of Foreigners' Work Permits for Managerial Positions in Seychelles' Tourism Sector to Increase

Winding-Up Petition Against Air Seychelles Withdrawn As Part of Rescue Plan

Seychelles-Mauritius Jointly Managed Area - New Company to Be Chosen to Survey Mascarene Plateau

Need for Investment in ICT Infrastructure As Seychelles Develops Its 'Investor Map' With UNDP

Seychelles' Economic Reforms Are Model for Other Developing Countries, Says IMF Exec

Seychelles Truth Commission Completes Its Mandate in Hardship

New Marina Planned On Praslin Island Through Public-Private Partnership in Seychelles

Seychelles, New Zealand Discuss Illegal Drug Trade and Border Security

Thai Union to Invest Another €10m in Tuna Cannery in Seychelles

The Tale of Lake Victoria's 'Saviour Fish'

Seychelles Opens Doors to Omnibus Operators for Private Shuttle Services

Embassy Closures in Europe Discussed At Seychelles' Foreign Affairs Minister's Meeting With Consuls

"Vive La France!" - the French Once Again Top Tourist Market for Seychelles in April

Heat-Resilient "Super Corals" - Nature Seychelles Setting Up Aquaculture Farm for Future Corals

New Slovak Ambassador to Seychelles Discusses Health, Education and Climate Crisis With President

Seychelles Wins 14 Medals At Southern African Swimming Event

Seychelles Undertaking Breadfruit Census for Improved Food Security

Seychelles' 4 Tankers Doing Well in Revenue Collection Despite Ukraine-Russia Conflict

High Demand for Workers in Seychelles' Labour Market, Latest Statistics Show

Seychelles Doesn't Want 'A Cashless Society but a Cash-Light One', Says Central Bank Governor

Seychelles Will See Many Benefits After Dubai Expo, Says Organiser

Ghana Plans to Increase Education Support for Seychelles, Says Top Diplomat

'Sey No Plastic' Educates Communities On Dangers of Marine Plastic Waste #AfricaClimateCrisis

Money Laundering - Seychelles' Judiciary Updated On Criminal and Civil Asset Recovery

No New Covid Restrictions in Seychelles Despite Case Increase - Not Everyone Is Testing Due to Mild Symptoms

Seychelles Pension Fund Prepares White Paper On Foreign Workers Paying Into Fund

Steps Taken Towards Reviving Seychelles' Cinnamon Industry

Moscow Gives Green Light to Resume Flights to 52 Countries - Russia Remains Top Tourism Market for Seychelles in First Quarter

Seychelles Seeks to Prioritise High-Level Sports - National Sports Council Presents Strategic Plan

Seychelles Seeks to Prioritise to High-Level Sports - National Sports Council Presents Strategic Plan

First Digitalised National Census in Seychelles Starts On April 22

Census Starts On Second Biggest Giant Tortoise Population in the World On Fregate Island

New Finnish Ambassador to Seychelles Promises Deeper Ties in Economics and Politics

Seychelles Forges Ahead in Fight Against Marine Plastic - National Action Plan Under Discussion

Seychelles Starts First WTO Policy Review On Trade and Transparency Issues

World Bank Index Highlights Seychelles Needs Laws to Protect Women From Sexual Harassment At Work

SDGs Forum - There Is a Dire Need for Seychelles to Be More Self-Sufficient and Resilient to External Shocks, Says President Ramkalawan

Online Travel Authorisation for Seychellois Passport Holders Free of Charge As of April 1

Seychelles Plans to Activate Fisheries Harvest Strategy Policy By Third Quarter of 2022

World Government Summit - More Needs to Be Done to Fulfil Climate Finance Commitments, Says Seychelles' President #AfricaClimateCrisis


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