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Covid-19 - Seven New Cases, No Deaths and No Recoveries

National Health Institute Launches Drone Project

Nyusi Praises Role of Veterans in Fighting Terrorism

Covid-19 - Six New Cases and No Deaths

Use of Child Labour Could Lead to Banning of Mozambican Products

Transport Operators Threaten to Go On Strike

Malawi, Mozambique Sign Trade Pacts

Rwanda Operates Alongside SADC Forces in Macomia District

Nacala Corridor to Spur Economic Growth

Nyusi and Chakwera Inaugurate Electricity Interconnection

Health Minister Admits Poor Quality of Training in Some Instiutions

Nyusi Launches Agricultural Marketing Campaign

Agreement With Millennium Challenge Corporation Signed

USAID Launches Climate Resilience Programmes

Totalenergies to Build Dondo Solar Power Plant

Syrah Resources to Build 11 Megawatt Solar Power Plant

Nyusi Calls for Investment in Mocuba

Nyusi Determined to Expand District Courts

Covid-19 - Seven New Cases, and No Deaths or Recoveries

Mozambique to Export Electricity to Botswana

Ressano Garcia Border Post Opens 24 Hours a Day

Hidden Debts - Guebuza's Son Accuses Nyusi of Poison Plot

Covid-19 - 32 New Cases in Past Week

Chimoio Children Found and Returned to Families

Hidden Debts - Trial Remains Public, Rules Judge

Zinave to Receive Over 100 Wildlife Species

Edm Awards Power Line Construction Work to India's L&t

Inflation of 0.7 Per Cent in March

Covid-19 - Three New Cases and No Deaths or Recoveries

Progress Noted in SADC Mission in Mozambique

SADC and Rwanda Shouldn't Go It Alone in Mozambique

Govt to Deploy Pathologists to Mozambique

Riot in Chimoio Leads to One Death and 54 Arrests

Covid-19 - Only 26 Active Cases in Entire Country

Covid-19 - Four New Cases and No Deaths or Recoveries

Zim Reaps Benefits From Mozambique Visit

Taipo Trial - Former Minister Denies the Charges

Frelimo and ANC Condemn Xenophobic Violence

Japanese Grant for Fighting Terrorism

Hidden Debts - Discussion Next Week On Seizure of Assets

Covid-19 - Just One New Case On Monday

Bridge Construction Over Save River Halted Again

Mozambique and Zimbabwe Create Binational Commission

Two Senior Prosecutors Sworn in

World Bank Promises 10 Million Dollars for Cooking Gas

Covid-19 - Two New Cases, and No Deaths

President Meets Nyusi

SA Strikes Deal to Buy Gas From Mozambique

Mozambican Business Delegation Interested to Invest in Malawi

Polio Vaccination Surpasses Target

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