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A Deal On State Spending Can Kickstart Libya's Political Process

France Urges Rival Parties in Libya to Find Political Solution to End Violence

Rival Factions Clash in Tripoli as PM Bashagha Forced to Flee

Libya Rival PM Flees Capital After Militia Violence

Libya is a 'Market of Human Beings'

Justice Must Prevail Over Alleged War Crimes, ICC Prosecutor Tells Security Council

Foreign Mister Receives Migrant Returnees From Libya

ICRC Activities in Libya 2021

Over 100 Libya-Based Gambian Youth Demand Urgent Evacuation

158 Libya Returnees Arrive Nigeria

Libya Firm Forced to Close Major Oil Field

Khalifa Haftar Loyalists Suspend Participation in Dialogue

South Africa Not Africa's 'Most Obese Country' - but Comes Close

New Tanzanian, Libyan Envoys Present Credentials to Kagame

IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation Launches Call for Small Grants for CSOs in Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and Morocco #AfricaClimateCrisis

Libya Detention Centres Remain Places of Violations and Abuse - Experts

Civil Society Under Siege in Libya As Crackdown Intensifies, UN Officials Say

Nigeria Ranks 118 Behind Libya, South Africa, 15 Other African Countries On World Happiness Index

UN Says At Least 70 Migrants Dead or Missing Off Coast

Tunisia/Libya - Towards Creation of Joint Business Centre

Algeria and Libya Are Unlikely to Plug Europe's Energy Gap

EU, IOM Facilitate Return of 500 Stranded Nigerians From Libya

UN - Dueling Governments in Libya Could Lead to More Instability

Tensions Rise As Risk of 'Parallel Governments' Grows, Security Council Hears

Three African Women to Receive Courage Awards

Sahel and Ukrainia, Challenges of a Region in Transition.

United Nations in Libya Statement On the International Women's Day

Nation Rushes to Replace Ukraine Wheat Imports

Parliament places Trust In Bachagha Govt

Why I Don't Want to See My Mother - Libya Returnee

I Resurrected At My Burial in Desert, Libya Returnee Narrates Experience

High-Level Seminar on Regional Reconfiguration of the Eastern Sahel

The Weaponisation of Libya's Elections

Libya's Parliament Prepares for Vote of Confidence in New Government

Survivors on Rescue Ship Ocean Viking Urgently Need to Disembark in a Place of Safety

Libya's Political Divide Widens As Rival PMs Vie for Power

Stability for Libya Must Be 'Top Priority' Urges Guterres

UN Backs Interim Prime Minister Despite Lawmakers' Decision to Replace Him

Lawmakers Set to Choose New Prime Minister

RSF Draws UN's Attention to Press Freedom Violation in Libya Since 2016

A Decade Later, No End in Sight for Libya's Political Transition

Egypt Keen On Promoting Cooperation With Libya

Unified Libya Will Come Only Via Ballot Box, 'Not the Gun', Security Council Hears

Why Elections Will Not Solve Libya's Deep-Rooted Problems

Resumption of Political Process in Libya At Centre of Meeting Between Othman Jerandi and Stephanie Williams

Advisors Discuss Latest Developments After Elections Delay in Libya

Libya's Interim Government Backed By Western Powers Despite Poll Delay

New Date for Elections Expected Within 30 Days

Libya, 70 Years Ago


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