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Blast is Reported at Karachi University

Sergei Lavrov: There is a 'Real...Danger' of WWIII Breaking Out

Israel's Navy Arrests Three Palestinian Fishermen

Urgently Help Ukraine Civilians Flee Mariupol

Can Saudi-Iran Talks See a Final Breakthrough? (AFP)

Donald Trump Fined $10,000 a Day After Contempt of Court Ruling

Macron's Win Does Not Mean a 'Happy France'

Biden Approves $165M in Heavy Ammunition to Ukraine

Jordan Stiffens 'Gag Order' Violations to a 3-Month Jail

Palestinian Shot Dead by Israeli Soldiers in The Occupied West Bank

Russia Losses 15,000 Troops - UK Estimates

Yemen Crisis Gets Top Billing in Safadi-Grundberg Talks

Iran Wanted to Build a Nuclear Bomb All Along - Official

Paris Police Fire at a Car Coming at Them, Two People Killed

ISIS Launches Missile on a Kirkuk Military Site in Iraq

Trilateral Exchange: King Abdullah, Al Sisi, MBZ Meet in Cairo

White House: Biden to Visit Israel in The Coming Months

Anti-Macron Protesters Clash With Police After French Elections

Israel Launches Artillery Towards Lebanon

Emmanuel Macron Wins The French Presidential Election

Analysis: 'Friendly' Arab States Condemn Israel Over Al Aqsa Intifada

Ben Gvir: Anatomy of an Israeli Extremist

Iraqi Strongman al-Sadr Seeks to 'Criminalize' Relations With Israel

French Priest Knife-Attacked in His Church in Nice

Nigeria: 80 People Killed in an Oil Facility Explosion

Tour Boat With 26 People Missing in Northern Japan

French Voters in Quandary: Who Will it be Macron or Le Pen?

US Secretaries of State, Defense to Visit Ukraine

Migrant Boat Sinks Off Coast of Lebanon, 1 Confirmed Dead, 27 Missing

Lebanon in The Dark as Electricity Grinds to a Halt

Russia's War in Ukraine Not Likely to End Soon. Here's Why?

Mass Protests in Jordan Show Solidarity The Al Aqsa Palestinians

Saudi-Iran Talks Set to Restart in Iraq

Iran Behind Tons of Nitrate Stored in Beirut - Report

Muslim Innovators Help India’s Troubled Farmers

Syrian-Palestinians Win ‘Protection Rights’ Under UN in Switzerland

Ukrainian Officials Report Evidence of Mass Graves Outside Mariupol

Biden Sends $1.3 Billion in Another Aid Package to Ukraine

Spain, Germany, Portugal Urge French Voters to Reject Far-Right Le Pen

Turkey's Opposition Leader Loses Power Over Unpaid Bills (AFP)

25 Casualties in Explosion at Shiite Mosque in Afghanistan

Macron Warns Le Pen Risks ‘Civil War’ by Banning Hijab

Russia's Defense Minister Announces Capture of Mariupol

False Alarm Triggers US Capitol Evacuation (AFP)

Can Yemen’s Ceasefire Lead to Lasting Peace?

Israel Bombs The Gaza Strip

Iran Arrest Three Mossad Agents

Israeli Websites Come Under Attack

Shooting Outside The Peruvian Embassy in Washington

UK Court Formally Orders Extradition of Julian Assange to US

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