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'There's just no room to move': Cafe boss warns small businesses will disappear without local customer support

Community gardens offer free produce — and a chance to learn new skills — as rising costs bite

Foetal calf blood hits record $615 a litre

Jess the equine therapy horse going for the record at the ripe old age of 42

Homegrown produce and swap groups are breaking the supply chains that bind them

Expecting a property price correction? Not in the rural sector

Meet Justin Beaker, Quacky Chan and the Duck Knight, the racing ducks of north Queensland

Mackerel fishery management delay angers fishers, industry, and conservation lobby

After losing their home to fire, this family is restoring an old homestead trucked in from 100 kilometres away

Central Australia says goodbye to legendary cattleman James ‘Jimpy’ Hayes

Casino cattle producers record exceptional year with more than $200 million in sales

Investigation into death of Kalgoorlie mine worker drags on for more than a year

Smart pest traps use ID fingerprint technology

Strawberry prices soar to record highs as winter crop stalls

Why are solar farms in the NT sitting idle and generating zero power?

Prawn fishers suffer 'worst season yet' as high fuel prices bite

Endangered catfish get marooned in Sunraysia's irrigation channels, but it's illegal to help

Farmers, rural residents warned to be vigilant to prevent another mouse plague

Call for supermarkets to cap price of fresh fruit and veg as families struggle

The beef industry's latest report on emissions is promising, but will it be enough to satisfy key markets?

Caretakers give up the ghost on crumbling Gladstone Gaol and its spooky overnight stays

Forestry Corporation guilty of felling in koala exclusion zones near Coffs Harbour

Disgraced former mining minister to face judge-alone retrial

Broken Hill mine not being sold despite valuation, company confirms

Working like a dog: School's in for kelpies and their handlers as demand for muster dogs rises

Qantas to suspend flights from Alice Springs to Perth from July

NSW's largest coal mine to close, leaving 2,000 jobs in the balance

Cow heart sacs in short supply for lifesaving human heart valve exports

Meet Eve, the robot fruit picker who is here to 'fix a big problem'

Academics put WA government on notice over climate inaction and proximity to resource lobby

Concerns trade routes will be lost as air freight subsidy ends

How the Northern Territory has avoided the power crisis unfolding in the eastern states — for now

Paddock to pub: How unsellable fruit is getting a second chance as sour beer

Australian farmers 'need to know what's coming their way' warn NZ graziers facing emissions levy

No sour grapes among smaller than usual Winery Walkabout crowd after two-year COVID-19 hiatus

How a degraded river was restored so well it has shrugged off three floods this year

School of fish: How a hands-on program is engaging students and helping save a species from extinction

COVID-19 vaccines give 'huge boost' to researchers trying to save Tassie devils

Ariana didn't have horses growing up, but she's fallen for the sport of breakaway roping

'Already steps ahead': Tasmanian devil breeding program success

With billions of tonnes of phosphate for fertiliser, can Australia 'seize the moment'?

'Burnt out': pet owners travelling two hours for emergency care as country vets grapple with staff shortages

Question mark over 'integrity' of Australia's carbon offset scheme as tree nurseries inundated with orders

Sam is building a raft with ocean debris to raise awareness — and he wants to sail it across the Bass Strait

A proposal for a free-range pig farm near pristine wetlands sparks backlash

'We decided there was something we needed to do': How a group of farmers is embracing sustainability and community

Australia's biggest biosecurity threat is on our doorstep. So how can we keep it out?

Ears, snouts and pizzles: The range of unusual pet foods is rapidly growing

Indonesian cattle disease outbreaks spark $164m NSW biosecurity lift

Unseasonal rain creates havoc in Western Australia's winter food bowl

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