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Young Pashtuns Enjoy Ethnic Privilege While Other Die in So-Called Afghanistan

Link [2022-01-24 20:00:25]

Kabul Press: one of the most recent highlighted topics on social media is the expenses of young Pashtuns who enjoy the ethnic privilege non only in the corrupt governments of Ghani Ahmadzai and Karzai but also the Taliban. Several photos posted on social media like Facebook show Khoshal Sadat (Former Deputy Minister of Interior / Head of Police), Pamir Patang (Former Advisor to UK & Afg Government), Diva Patang (Former RTA Presenter), and other young Pashtuns in Annabel Club one of the most expensive private clubs of Britain. All those mentioned names have had high salaries in the corrupt governments of Ghani Ahmadzai, which was supported by the aid of taxpayers in the western countries. Compared to many others in so-called Afghanistan, none of them have eligibility except belonging to a particular ethnic group to have such official ranks.

Many people reacted on social media, saying that those young Pashtuns enjoy ethnic privileges like members of the terrorist groups such as the Taliban, Kochi Taliban, and Daesh, the corrupt officials released them from prison because of their ethnic background. It is while the young people from other ethnicities face systematic discrimination. While women, mainly from the Hazara and Tajik nations, are protesting and asking the international community, those young people enjoying ethnic privilege insult them and react that the power should be in the hand of Pashtuns no matter if they are the Taliban or Ahmadzai and Karzai.

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