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The Government of Single Ethnic and Single Gender - So-Called Afghanistan

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Kabul Press: Secretary-General's Special Representative for so-called Afghanistan, Deborah Lyons says, “We continue to call for a more inclusive administration, in which government institutions reflect Afghanistan's broad diversity. We have seen limited progress on this issue, however. The composition of the caretaker cabinet, so-called by the Taliban themselves, the composition of this cabinet remains entirely male, essentially Pashtun, and almost all Taliban. At both the capital and provincial levels recent appointments continue to appear designed more to rewarding fighters than promoting governance and inclusion”.

The terrorist group Taliban had a golden opportunity to return to power in 2021, and why not? On one side, the international community ignored the demands of democracy lovers, including the Hazara of Hazaristan, who are victims of systematic crimes and fight for human rights and democracy. The international community spent billions of dollars on humanitarian aid and good government, but through a group of corrupt Pashtun politicians, including Karzai, Ahmadzai, Atmar, Stanikzai, and let them freely legalize discrimination and undermine democracy and human rights.

Many of the new leaders of the Taliban “caretaker” government had been members of leadership during the Taliban's 1996–2001 time in power

— SIGAR (@SIGARHQ) December 6, 2021

Enjoying ethnic privilege, thousands of the most dangerous terrorists were released by those corrupt politicians. On the other side, the Taliban politically, financially, and military gained support from three parties: The former US. Representative Zalmay Khalilzad, a Pashtun politician that backed and supported the Taliban since the 1990s. He had a crucial role in misleading the public and the international community about the facts in the so-called country Afghanistan based on non-reliable data and false information about the country's population, ethnicities, and majority and minority. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan also is a Pashtun and a great supporter of the Taliban based on their common ethnic affiliation. Imran Khan does publicly support the Taliban and their middle-aged mindset. He is among a few world politicians that ask the international community to recognize the government of suicide bombers The corrupt Pashtun politicians that came to power, not through transparent elections but frauds and the support of Khalilzad and the international community

All those parties, including the Taliban, agreed that the power should be retained in the hands of Pashtuns. However, as a matter of fact, the country has other peoples and nations, including the Hazara, Uzbek, Tajik, Turkmen, and Baloch. Any transparent and democratic process such as transparent election and transparent census rejects the falsifications of the self-called ethnic majority.

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