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Taliban In Oslo: Anniken Huitfeldt Facilitates the Celebration of Suicide Bombers

Link [2022-01-24 20:00:25]

Kabul Press: Norwegian government is hosting the representatives of the terrorist group Taliban. The terrorist group that recently formed a single ethnic and gender government is responsible for committing systematic crimes, including the genocide of the Hazara of Hazaristan, suicide attacks, and killing and injuring hundreds of thousands of innocent people, including children and women. The terrorist group that has mixed the radical interpretation of Islam with the Pashtun anti-women traditions was enjoying the ethnic privilege facilitated by Pashtun politicians, including Hamid Karzai and Ghani Ahmadzai. For instance, they released thousands of the Taliban's terrorists because of their shared ethnic affiliation. While Norway is hosting the representatives of the terrorist group, the critiques of non-Pashtun activists over the action of the Norwegian government has significantly increased. Anti-Taliban groups have organized several protests in front of the Norwegian embassies, and they ask Norwegians not to facilitate the recognition of the Taliban's suicide bombers. So far, the government of the terrorist group has not been recognized by the international community. On the other hand, many pro-Taliban, again from the same ethnic, wow and consider the official Taliban's invite to Oslo as steps for recognition. Norwegian government claims that the so-called Afghani civil society representatives will also talk with the Taliban in Oslo. However, many non-Pashtun activists also criticize this, saying that the Norwegian government didn't invite any civil society activist to represent non-Pashtuns. Most of those invited are from the same ethnic as the Taliban, and non-of them can voice non-Pashtuns, including the Hazara, Uzbek, Tajik, and Turkmen. Some of them, such as Shinkai Karokhail are Pashtun nationalists and are against the equal rights of Pashtuns and non-Pashtuns.

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