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Norway to Host Taliban Suicide Bombers

Link [2022-01-22 19:34:41]

Kabul Press: Norway, as the first western country, will host officially the representatives of the terrorist group Taliban, which is responsible for systematic crimes, including genocide, forced displacement, and discrimination against the indigenous peoples, particularly the Hazara of Hazaristan. According to the Norwegian Media, Minister of Foreign Affairs Anniken Huitfeldt says the dialogue with the representatives of the Taliban is about respecting human rights and the right of women right in participation in the administration of the country, so-called Afghanistan. Norway will host the representatives of the terrorist groups while many activists are concerned that the Taliban's official visit may lead to official recognition of the single ethnic and single-gender terrorist group. On the other hand, many activists, including women protesting in Kabul, ask the international community to support human rights, including women's rights. They are also concerned about international aid not being distributed equally. For example, the Hazara in Daykoni, Bamyan, and Ghazni are still facing discrimination and do not receive the international community's aid equally. Some human rights activists believe that instead of hosting the terrorist group, the Norwegian government should support the International Criminal Court and other efforts to persecute the leaders of the Taliban.

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