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Norway – Taliban Talk and the Absence of Real Civil Society Members

Link [2022-01-24 20:00:25]

Kabul Press: Norway hosts some representatives of the Taliban terrorists and suicide bombers in Oslo. According to the Norwegian foreign minister Anniken Huitfeldt (in Norwegian Media like NRK), some members of the so-called Afghani civil society also talk to the representatives of the Taliban. So far, the Norwegian government didn't reveal the names of those members of the civil society, but some media say some Pashtun women, including Shinkai Karokhail, and Mahbouba Seraj, are in Oslo as the representatives of the so-called Afghani civil society. Both women are Pashtuns and are enjoying the ethnic privilege of being Pashtun. The Taliban are also formed by Pashtuns based on the Pashtun totalitarian ideas and the radical interpretation of Islam.

“I as a woman protester that fight everyday for the rights of my kind (human/women) against Taliban do not recognize Karokhail and Seraj as my representatives”.

The possible meeting of those so-called civil society representatives and the Taliban is now criticized by many on social media, saying that neither the Taliban nor those Pashtun women represent the non-Pashtuns, including the Hazara, Tajik, and Uzbek. Some non-Pashtun women who published videos on Facebook say that Shinkai Karokhail, and Mahbouba Seraj are not representing them. Both Shinkai Karokhail, and Mahbouba Seraj are doing business with human rights, including women's rights. A woman from Kabul says Shinkai Karokhail and Mahbouba Seraj are project women, and they work for their own benefits. The other woman from Kabul says both Shinkai Karokhail, and Mahbouba Seraj are Pashtun extremists and defenders of Pashtun rule under the name of women's rights and civil society.

Women Against Taliban and Project Women

Some other people also in social media say that those women enjoying ethnic privilege are facilitating the rule of Pashtuns over non-Pashtuns who have the right and are deserved to determine their fate in their own hands. Shinkai Karokhail has served as the Afghani ambassador under the corrupt and Pashtunist regime of Ghani Ahmadzai. It was several reports about discrimination against the Hazaras by Karokhail in the Afghani embassy in Canada.

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