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Afghanistan Women for Justice and Freedom: International Aid Should be Distributed Equally

Link [2022-01-24 20:00:25]

Kabul Press: Afghanistan Women for Justice and Freedom says that international aid is not distributed equally among all people in so-called Afghanistan. People in the Hazara populated area (Hazaristan) have received almost nothing while the Taliban distributed international aid in the Pashtun populated area several times. Afghanistan Women for Justice and Freedom says the Hazara still face discrimination. Poverty is increasing rapidly, for instance, in Daikundi, Bamyan, and the Hazara populated areas of Ghazni. In many cases, the Taliban prevent international organizations from working and delivering aid to the Hazara. Similarly, the international aid is almost zero in the west of Kabul, including Dasht- i- Barchi populated by the Hazara.

Women for Justice and Freedom have been formed by women to archive justice and freedom. It has organized several protests in several cities, including Kabul, Herat, and Bamyan.

Release Alia Azizi

Women for Justice and Freedom asks the Taliban to immediately release Alia Azizi that the organization believes she was detained by the Taliban since October 2021. According to Amnesty International, “Alia Azizi, a member of the ethnic Hazara community and the Head of Herat Women's Prison, never returned home after going to work on 2 October 2021. Despite several pleas by her family to the Taliban to investigate the case, a veil of secrecy still shrouds her disappearance”.

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