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Right to refund after paying TV subscription on old home after move

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Q My mother is an elderly widow in poor health. As her designated carer, I recently got access to her bank accounts and when examining her accounts, I discovered she was still paying a TV subscription for a property which she moved out of five years ago. I have since learned that my mother called the TV provider in March 2017 to inform it that she would be moving property and would need to cancel her TV subscription. Throughout the course of this call, the TV provider actually sold her another TV subscription and advised my mother that she could take the service with her when she moved – and to tell the TV provider when she moved. My mother moved home in May 2017. However, she forgot to inform the TV provider of her move, didn't realise she was still being charged for the TV subscription – and then signed up to another TV subscription provider at her new home. I managed to get in touch with the TV provider and it has now stopped the service and charges on my mother’s account. However, the TV provider said my mother is not entitled to a refund of the last five years’ charges as she never advised it when she actually moved. Can this be right? It seems incredibly unfair that an elderly woman has been paying a TV subscription for the last five years for a service which was delivered to another property which she didn't own. Tommy, Dublin South

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