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NEET UG aspirants storm Twitter over Edu Minister Dharmendra Pradhan's comments

Link [2022-06-28 18:55:39]

Aspirants are upset as Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has dismissed their request for the National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) UG 2022 to be postponed.

Candidates have criticized the minister for allegedly "laughing at their hardships" and for equating a national exam with a monthly school exam. During Tuesday's education summit hosted by India Today, a question was posed to Pradhan, to which he responded, "Students are always anxious. All our senior principals are here, educationists are here; they face this problem every month.”

NEET aspirants have flooded twitter expressing their dissatisfaction with his comments:

#MODIJIextendNEETUG#RemoveDharmendraPradhan How can u compare school Unit Test/Exams which has 5-10 chapters to one of the India's most though exam NEET which has 97 chapters /200 Q Given 3hrs only .You are making Fun of NEET students.#MODIJIextendNEETUG .@dpradhanbjp

— Junaid khan (@Junaidk18038697) June 28, 2022

Our Education Minister Says That NEET is Like other monthly exams . So I request Him to Conduct this exam every month free of cost for all students and tell us the reason for delay on councilling of NEET UG2021 Please give us answer!#RemoveDharmendraPradhan #MODIJIextendNEETUG

— taekook♥️ (@taek00k143) June 28, 2022

Sir do you even know the full form NEET I will say what is this National Eligibility Cum Entrance test.And This exam happens only once a year.And you are comparing it with monthly , weekly , class tests.Disgusting We don't want such education minister.#RemoveDharmendraPradhan

— Arooja Fayaz (@arooja_fayaz) June 28, 2022

We are not demanding for any extra time we do deserve the necessary time Counseling was also very lateThay laughing shamelessly at us, how pathetic and insensitive#RemoveDharmendraPradhan #deferneetug2022

— Ambitious (@Wansikabeauty) June 28, 2022 NEET UG 2022: #MODIJIextendNEETUG trends, students demand 40-day postponement

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