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Mumbai: Services of Pune-Bhusaval and Solapur Gadag Daily Express to be restored

Link [2022-06-28 18:55:39]

Central Railway will restore the services of Pune-Bhusaval, Solapur-Gadag daily Express trains as per details below:

1. Pune- Bhusaval Express daily

11026 Pune-Bhusaval Express will leave Pune at 11.40 hrs daily with effect from 10.07.2022 till further advice and arrive Bhusaval at 22.00 hrs same day.

11025 Bhusaval-Pune Express daily will leave Bhusaval at 00.35 hrs daily with effect from 11.07.2022 till further advice and arrive Pune at 12.05 hrs same day.

Halts: Chinchwad, Lonavala, Karjat, Panvel, Kalyan, Nashik Road, Niphad, Lasalgaon, Manmad, Chalisgaon, Kajgaon (For 11025 Only), Pachora and Jalgaon

Composition: One AC Chair Car, 6 Second Class Chair Car (Reserved ) , 7 Second Class Chair Car (Unreserved), One General Second Class cum Guard’s Brake van and One Generator Van.

2. Solapur-Gadag Express daily

11305 Solapur-Gadag Express will leave Solapur at 11.50 hrs daily with effect from 15.07.2022 till further advice and arrive Gadag at 16.55 hrs same day.

11306 Gadag-Solapur Express daily will leave Gadag at 01.30 hrs daily with effect from 16.07.2022 till further advice and arrive Solapur at 10.15 hrs same day.

Halts: Tikekarwadi, Hotgi, Aherwadi (for 11305 only), Solerjavalge, Tadwal, Padnur, Lachayan, Indi Road, Chorgi, Nimbal, Kyatanakeri Road (for 11305 only), Minchnal, Vijayapur, Ibrahimpur, Jumnal, Honaganathalli, Mulvad, Kalgurki Halt (for 11305 only), Kudgi (for 11305 only), Basavana Bagewadi Road, Angadgeri Halt (for 11305 only), Wandal, Benal Halt, Almatti, Kudala Sangam Road, Sitimani (for 11305 only), Jadramakunti, Kadlimatti (for 11305 only), Muglalli Halt, Bagalkot, Guledagudda Road, Badami, Lakhmapur, Hole Alur, Mallapur, Balganur and Hombal

Composition: 4 Second Class (Reserved), 6 Second Class (Unreserved), 2 General Second Class cum Guard’s Brake van..

Reservation: Bookings for train No.11026/11025 and 11305 will open on 29.06.2022 at all computerised reservation centres and on website

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